Welcome to the 10th IRNCAS in Montpellier. 


 The topic of the IRNCAS International Symposium is the retroviral nucleocapsid protein (NC) and its Gag precursor, a polyprotein responsible for the viral assembly. 

This symposium represents an important opportunity in getting together the specialists and generating new collaborations and multidisciplinary studies (biophysics, biochemistry, virology, cellular biology, biomedicine and biophotonics). During the last 15 years, these collaborations have provided important progresses in the insight into the molecular and cellular mechanisms of action of the HIV-1 nucleocapsid and its Gag precursor, making them promising targets in the design of inhibitors against the AIDS epidemics.

This 10th edition should encourage the continuation of our collaborative network in order to enlighten the structural and functional properties of the NC domain of Gag during virus assembly in the host cell.

"Special attention will be given to :

  • RNA-NC interactions
  • Gag and cell factors interactions (membrane lipids and cellular proteins)
  • Gag and NC chaperone properties
  • The impact of the biophysical methods, notably of the high resolution microscopy and the NMR, on the understanding of Gag assembly
  • Therapeutic strategies targeting HIV-1 NC and Gag assembly.

The major topics discussed during this Symposium are focused on the HIV-1 nucleocapsid and on the retroviral Gag proteins, however other nucleocapsid of viruses causing human pathologies (HTLV, Hepatitis and Influenza) will be also considered."

List of invited speakers:

Keynote speakers:

Bieniasz Paul*, Rockfeller University, NY, USA

Lamb Don*, University of Munich, Germany

Invited speakers:

 Berkhout Ben, AMC, University of Amsterdam, Netherland
Benkirane Monsef, CNRS, IGF, Montpellier, France
Boris-Lawrie Kathleen,University of Minnesota, Columbus, USA
Bouamr Fadila, NIAID, NIH, Bethesda, USA
Briggs John, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany
Cimarelli Andrea, INSERM & ENS Lyon, France
Cox Bryan, Emory University, USA

Freed Eric, HIV Drug Resistance Program, NCI-Frederick, USA
Favard Cyril, CNRS, CPBS, Montpellier, France
Lever Andrew, University of Cambridge, UK
Marquet Roland, CNRS & IBMC, Strasbourg, France
Mély Yves, Université de Strasbourg & CNRS, France
Merchant Jan, HHMI & University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA
Mirambeau Gilles, UPMC & Hospital Clinic-IDIBAPS, France & Spain
Milhiet Pierre-Emmanuel, CBS Montpellier, France
Mouland Andrew, Mc Gill University, Montreal, Canada
Mori Mattia, Siena University, Italy
Müller Barbara, University Hospital, Heidelberg, Germany
Muriaux Delphine, CNRS, CPBS Montpellier, France
Musier-Forsyth Karin, Ohio State University, Columbus, USA
Ohlmann Theophile, INSERM & ENS Lyon, France
Rein Alan, HIV Drug Resistance Program, NCI-Frederick, USA
de Rocquigny Hugues, CNRS & Université de Strasbourg, France
Saad Jamil, University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA
Schwartz Olivier, Institut Pasteur, France
Spearman Paul, Emory University,USA
Tisné Carine, CNRS & Université Paris Descartes, France
Williams Mark, Northeastern University, Boston, USA

Scientific committee:

Ben Berkhout, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Andrew Mouland, McGill University, Canada
Yves Mély, France, Université de Strasbourg, France
Mark Williams, Northeastern University, Boston, USA
Leslie Parent, Penn State University, Hershey, USA
Mike Summers, JHopkins University, Baltimore, USA
Fadila Bouamr, NIH, Bethesda, USA
Gilles Mirambeau, IDIBAPS, Barcelona, Spain


This 10th edition is co-organized by:

D. Muriaux (Montpellier, FR), H. de Rocquigny (Strasbourg, FR),C. Favard (Montpellier, FR), C. Mariani-Floderer (Montpellier, FR), E.O Freed (NIH Frederick, USA), K. Musier-Forsyth (Ohio, USA).      






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